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Adgro can provide a range of services from sourcing a single raw material or new market potential report through to full product portfolio management including research and development, distributor and sales team training, marketing support and distributor introductions. 

Market Intelligence

Relevant, specific information for your company, complied and presented to allow you to make confident strategy decisions.

  • Market size and market potential reports

  • Competitor analysis

  • Potential barriers to market entry

  • Regulatory advice

  • New and pipeline product identification

Sales Support

Services to help drive product sales

  • New product launches

  • New markets

  • Sales people training

  • Presentations and sales literature

  • Distributor introductions and training

  • Technical articles

Research and Development

New product development and testing

  • Working with leading independent trial organisations

  • Partnership with University of Lancaster, on campus office and ongoing student partnership to develop new and innovative technologies 

  • Formulation work

  • New raw material testing and incorporation into products

  • Modifications and upgrades to existing products

Product Sourcing

Product supply under private label through a network of production sites in the UK, EU and USA

  • Raw material sourcing

  • Finished packed product

  • Bulk supply for local repack

  • label design and sourcing

Market Intelligence
sale support
Product Sourcing
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